The Purge Child's Playy


The Purge: Child's Play is a series, created by LiamJaco1998lfc.

Series Summary Edit

SURVIVE THE NIGHT - It's the night of the annual Purge, Purgers and Teenager gangs all over america get ready to kill their way through the streets. Clyde Taylor; a hater of the purge prepares to hit the streets and save victims of annual event or worse. Kill.

Characters Edit

The Recurring and Minor are not listed here.

Groups Edit

  • The Hope (a group Purge haters who help Victims of The Annual Purge. Leader: Clyde Taylor)
  • The Freaks (a group of purges who pursuit the purge. Leader: ?)


  1. The Purge (episode)
  2. Hidden
  3. Back Home

Trivia Edit

  • The Purge: Child's Play will feature 8 episodes max.
  • This series will be set around teenage kids purging, or if not purging, fighting.
  • This series is set in a small town in California.