The Purge Child's Playy
The Purge: Child's Play
Date November 2014
Status Completed
Age rating R
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The Purge is the first episode of The Purge: Child's Play, and the first episode of the series.

Summary Edit

SURVIVE THE NIGHT - Clyde Taylor gets ready for the night of hell, then he hits the streets with his group un-officially named The Hope, and A young couple stuggle on the streets, and a freak hunts the streets for Clyde.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Clyde Taylor
  • Alex Maxon

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Charlie
  • Jake
  • Jenna Cambe
  • Trey Cambe
  • Ken

Guest Characters Edit

  • Mrs. Bastianna
  • Unnamed Freak
  • Winston

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first episode of the series.
  • It is revealed by a character that The Purgers all over america have claimed to reside away from the small towns, due to their being less money and people so they stay away from towns such as ours and reside in cities as New York and Las Vegas to find victims to purge.


SCHOOL - AFTERNOON, 5 Hours before the Purge

Clyde Taylor sits in a class room; drawing a picture of a scary face the writing reads "The Purge Strikes", Clyde's friend; Alex Maxon sits next to him and looks at the drawing.

Mrs. Bastianna: The Purge is an annual event that happens all year round and the event was made by who...Alex?

Alex:The New Founding Fathers. Mrs. (smiles)

Mrs. Bastianna: Thank you, Alex.

Alex: (looks to Clyde) Still up for tonight?

Clyde: No. I have a plan of my own.

Alex: What is your plan? hit the streets like last year, and become the hero?.

Clyde: Kill the Purgers, and save America. That's my plan.

Alex: Like that huh...Well, I'd like to say i'll purge but i'm in.

Clyde: Meet me, behind the licker store tonight at the alarm. Tell, Jake and Charlie.

Alex: But, what is your dad going to say?

Clyde: He's purging. He doesn't care about me. He never did. If I see him hurt anyone I will kill him with my bare hands.

Alex: Nice. My mom and dad are staying in, both. Not cool.

Clyde: Atleast their playing safe. Tonight isn't a good thing and has to be stopped.

Alex: So is this what you do in your spare time. Draw about The Purge.

Clyde: No. Anyway, I have nothing else to do.

Alex: Nothing else to do but purge.

Clyde: I'm not purging because it's wrong, it's an issue that has to be delt with.

Alex: If you hate the purge why not pack up,and leave? i mean America is the only country that's doing this.

Clyde: No, i have to do this. I have too to take down the purgers. Tell Charlie and Jake 6 on the dot. Make sure you have your wepions. The Hope will show The Purge has nothing to do with safety and then get rid of it.

The School speaker turns on.

SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the current events that will accure i've decided that the School will end early and we will ensure that all students should be inside their homes safetly.

Alex: (to Clyde - about the school announcement) Are you going to listen to them?

Clyde: No. Remember, 6 on the dot in the alleyway behind the licker store.

OUTSIDE SCHOOL - LATER, 2 hours before the purge

Leaving the school; Clyde and Alex make there way out of campus. As they leave the campus they see a bunch of Purgers staring that them, all have scary expressions and paintings on their faces.

Alex: What the hell is there problem?

Alex goes to walk to them but Clyde stops him.

Clyde: hey, Alex. If you try anything they will come after us. We don't want that. Stay strong. Look at me, if try anything we will be dead, okay stop.. Let's go.

They both walk on.

Clyde: Do you have your weapons ready for tonight?

Alex: Guns and Machettes.

Clyde: Good. When the alarm sets off; we'll all scatter to other sides of town, kill anyone that seems to be a threat to us and anyone else don't take any exceptions. Do what we go every year; clear our town of the purge.

Alex: what about 'The Freaks'? Are they a problem.?

Clyde: if they decide to take tonights spree..Yes. But don't worry, I have a plan.

CLYDE'S HOUSE, 1 hour till The Purge

Clyde enters his house and sees that the TV is on and no one is watching it.

Clyde: (to himself) Looks like he's ready to purge. ass.

Then, a news report flashes up onto the TV.

News Reporter (on TV): It's almost an hour until the annual purge. Who do you have on your list? A worker, A Boss or a friend?

Clyde: Hell, bastards.


Clyde sits on his bed staring at a 'Purge Night' poster on his wall.

A Purge Feed Archive plays on the TV; he grabs the remote and turns the TV off. He looks to the floor where his machette; picks it up and rubs it with a cloth.

ALLEYWAY - LATER, Seconds before The Purge

Clyde, Alex, Charlie and Jake stand holding machettes. Alex slips a gun into his pocket.

Alex: We do this every year, we know the basics. We save then Kill the purgers.

The Purge commence message is heard across the streets.

PURGE ANNOUNCER: This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual purge sanctioned by the U.S. government. When you hear the siren all crime, including murder will be legal for 12 hours. All emergency services will be suspected until tomorrow morning at 7 am when the purge concudes. Any weapons in Class four or less are allowed, any persons using weapons above this class will be prosecuted... Bless Be Our New Founding Fathers...God be with you all.

The Purge siren sounds thoughout the streets........... Then, after 4 sirens the alarm suddenly stops!

Clyde: You know the drill, we scatter across town and help anyone in danger from the purgers, if anyone seems to be a threat.

Alex: (hand gesture) bang. Shoot them.

Clyde: Everyone Ready.

BANG! A gun shot is heard in the distance.


A young couple; Jenna and Trey Cambe run for their lives through the dark street, gun shots and croweds can be heard in the distance. Struggling to carry on running, Jenna looks back and sees the crowd coming closer as they stop.

Jenna: (cries) what are we going to do?! No one is going to help us tonight!!

Trey: We'll find somewhere Jenna, don't worry.

Jenna jumps as a hand suddenly grabs her shoulder from behind and pushes her into an alleyway.

Jenna: AH!

Trey: Stay away from her.

Clyde: Shhh. Shhh. It's Okay, i'm not going to hurt you, i'm not a purger. I have a place to get to.

Trey: look brother....If yo...

Jenna (to Trey) shut up trey, that group is after us and he's trying to help..

Clyde: The Place is across town but we have too hurry it won't be long until them bastards catch up.


Screaming and balling; a man runs through the streets.

MAN: Help ME! please!!! I hate this, i haven't done anything wrong, someone help me please!

A Male Houseowner opens his door.

Houseowner: hey man, get inside you'll be safe.

MAN: Thank you, the names Winston.

Houseowner: Ken Earlse.


Ken boarders up his front doors and windows safely. Winston sits in the living room where Ken hands him a cup of coffee.

Ken: Here. (hands him the coffee) What happened out there?

Winston: I'm a homeless man, trying to stay safe during the purge, but when push comes to shuve, the homeless never make it through the night and well, the freaks found me.

Ken: The Freaks?

Winston: Yes, The Freaks. I as well as others call them that, they are the annual purgers. Everyone calls them The Freaks, not everyone is aware that they spilt into two groups finding victims that they can "release the beast" on to. It's practicly evil if you ask me. If you ask me The Purge is nothing more than a sick night used for people like The Freaks to wreak havic onto people like us. Granted said 'Purge' is one of the second biggest and successful events in american history from the 4th of July to the american history with the Coarsegold Tarantula Festival.

Ken: Well, I have an idea why don't we crack open some beers and discusses this 'horrible' night.

Winston: (hands Ken his cup) I second that.

Ken opens the refidgerator in the kitchen and grabs a batch of beers. He opens one of them and sips it. Then, he slips a knife from the holder.

Ken: What a freak, coming into my home, drinking my beers. He needs to be tort a lesson.

Then suddenly, he plunges the knife into the kitchen counter and pulls it out.

Back in Living Room, Later

Winston and Ken sit drinking cans of beer in the living room

Winston: Wow, The best Beers i've tasted in a long time.

Ken: The best of the best. Hey, finally let's discuss.

Winston: I'm guessing. The Purge.

Ken: Not only the purge, how about the people participating. Anyone I know?

Winston: I Thought you hated the purge?

Ken: I do. But, it's always nice to hear about persons enjoying the purge even though i do hate it.

Winston: Well, the purgers all over america have claimed to reside away from the small towns since theirs less money and less people to kill so they stay away from towns such as ours and reside in cities such as New York and Las Vegas to find victims to purge.

Ken: That good isn't it?

Winston: No, worse. The Freaks are the only purgers that remain in this town which means it makes it easier for them to get around.

Ken: That may be true actually?..Because, it's been said alot in my group.

Winston: I thought you don't have a group.

Ken: Oh i do, and it's nice to find people refering to groups such as mine.

Ken rises and grabs Winston by the neck, then smashes him against the stairs. Winston stands shocked and stunned.

Winston: What the hell?

Ken: It's really nice that you've mentioned my group nice name "The Freaks" (evil grins)

Winston: (scared) What do you want?

Ken: Where is Clyde Taylor?!


Clyde, Jenna and Trey run up the stairs. They hear music coming from the top floor.

Jenna: Do you hear that?

Trey: They may be able to help us.

Jenna starts to run up the stairs but Clyde stops her.

Clyde: Wait. They might be purgers!

Trey: They don't sound like Purgers. Better try.

Clyde: No. Let's go.

Jenna: Listen if you don't want us safe, then you go ahead and go back onto thoughs streets but we are not.

Trey and Jenna both run up the stairs to the top floor. Clyde follows them.

KNOCK! Clyde knocks on the door.

The Door opens slightly; a woman peaks through.

Clyde: Excuse me miss. We are having some trouble and we'd like to know if you'd welcome these two people into your home until this night is over.

Jenna: Please. We're no good out there. Please! We won't hurt you.

Woman: Welcome, please come in.

Trey and Jenna both walk in, Clyde stays outside.

Woman: (to Jenna and Trey) we've got plenty of food and drinks to pass the night. (to Clyde) you not coming in honey, you look too young to be out their.

Clyde: No, thanks though.

Woman: please stay safe.

The Woman closes the door. Clyde makes his way down the stairs and out the door. He hears screaming coming from outside. He rushes to the streets.


Two Purgers are holding up a gun to a woman.

PURGER #1: Give me your money bitch!

Woman: (screaming) help me someone please.

PURGER #2: No one is going to help you tonight!

Clyde: let her go you ass holes.

STAB! All of a sudden The Purger stabs the woman in the stomach, she falls down dead.

PURGER #1: (runs at Clyde) come here you!

Then, Clyde pulls the trigger on both of them; killing dead them both.

Unnamed Purger: Well, This is fun.

From behind, a purger grabs Clyde into an alleyway.

Purger: I've been looking for you! (smiles)

SMACK! The Purger punches him in the face, knocking him out!