The Purge Child's Playy
The Purge: Child's Play (series)
Date November 2014
Status planning
Age rating R *Will not be suitable for under 15
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Hidden is the second episode of The Purge: Child's Play, and the second episode of the series.

Summary Edit

BLAST FROM THE PAST - Kidnapped, Clyde finds himself helpless as he gets tought a lesson he will never forgot by the leader of the purge group; The Freaks. Alex wondors the streets of the small town and comes across a shocking family secret that follows The Purge, and Jenna and Trey get kidnapped and taken to The Freaks, which takes a horrfying turn.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Clyde Taylor
  • unnamed freak
  • Alex Maxton
  • Ken

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Jenna Cambe
  • Trey Cambe

Guest Characters Edit

  • Unnamed kidnaper of Trey and Jenna

Special Guests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Antagonist: Ken, unnamed freak, Clyde Taylor (flashback), Unnamed Kidnapper of Trey and Jenna, The Freaks.
  • 'The Unnamed freak' real name will be revealed in this episode.
  • This episode will feature a flashback; to previous year.